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We are pleased to invite members and non-members to the first TEG educational on Taxes Overview. Join us to learn about the latest tax regulations and make informed decisions for your business.

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Event Session

In this session, the focus is on the latest developments in UAE tax and how they specifically impact the events industry. The session agenda includes the following discussions:

1. Corporate tax updates: This segment will provide updates on any recent changes to corporate tax regulations in the UAE. We will cover topics such as any new tax rates, exemptions, and requirements that companies in the events industry need to be aware of.
2. VAT refresher: The session will also include a refresher on Value Added Tax (VAT) in the UAE. This will involve discussing VAT registration, calculation, invoicing, and reporting for event-related businesses. Attendees will gain a better understanding of their VAT obligations and how to ensure compliance.
3. Managing finances and tax across multiple offices: For companies that have operations in multiple countries, this segment will address the management of finances and tax considerations. Attendees will learn about processes they should adopt to effectively handle financial operations and tax matters between different offices across countries. The discussion will include challenges faced, strategies to overcome, and tips for streamlining the process.
4. TEG membership shares tax experiences: During this part of the session, members of TEG will share their tax-related experiences and discuss common tax issues faced by event companies, lessons learned, and best practices.

Overall, this session aims to update event industry professionals on UAE tax regulations, provide insights on managing finances and tax across different offices and countries, and facilitate knowledge sharing among TEG members.

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